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Using a typical charting package that means going to your menu of technical indicators and just selecting Bollinger bands, along with the standard 2, 20 settings which stand for 2 standard deviations and a 20 period simple moving average. The DBB Buy zone: How to trade with Fibonacci levels 6 minutes. When the price reaches the upper band it is considered overbought and tends to fall back towards the central band. My two biggest hobbies are trading and web development. As I said, the 4 hour and 1-minute time frames are the preferred time frames for this strategy.

Learn how forex traders use Bollinger Bands as dynamic support and resistance levels.

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A close is needed for the setup as the pending action could very well revert back within the band's parameters, ultimately nullifying the trade. Place the entry at slightly above or below the close. Once momentum has taken over, the directional bias should push the price past the close.

Always use stop management. Once the entry has been executed, the stop should always be considered, as in any other situation. Applying the Donchian study in Figure 4, we find that there have been several profitable opportunities in the short time span. Point A is a prime example: As a result, the entry is placed at the low of the session after the close, at 2. The subsequent stop will be placed slightly above the high of the session, at 2.

Once you are in the market, you can either liquidate your short position on the first leg down or hold on to the sell. Ideally, the position would be held in retaining a legitimate risk to reward ratio.

However, in the event the position is closed, you may consider a re-initiation at Point B. Ultimately, the trade will profit over pips, justifying the high stop. Taking the step-by-step approach, let's define a Keltner opportunity:.

Overlay the Keltner channel indicator onto the price action. As with the Donchian example, the opportunities should be clearly visible, as you are looking for penetration of the upper or lower bands.

Establish a session close of the candle that is the closest or within the channel's parameters. Place the entry four to five points below the high or low of the session's candle.

Money management is applied by placing a stop slightly below the session's low or above the session's high price. Already testing the upper barrier twice in recent weeks, the trader can see a third attempt as the price action rises on July 27 at Point A.

What needs to be obtained at this point is a definitive close above the barrier, constituting a break above and signaling the initiation of a long position. Once the chartist receives the clear break and closes above the barrier, the entry will be placed five points above the high of the closed session entry. This will ensure that momentum is on the side of the trade and the advance will continue. The notion will place our entry precisely at 1.

Subsequently, our stop will be placed below the low price by one to two points, or in this case at 1. The trade pays off as the price action moves higher in the following weeks with our profits maximized at the move's high of 1. Giving us a profit of over pips in less than a month, the risk reward is maximized at more than a 3: By diversifying your knowledge and experience in different band-based indicators, you'll be able to seek a multitude of other opportunities in the FX market.

These lesser-known bands can add to the repertoire of both the novice and the seasoned trader. I am a bit confuse here. What does the Bollinger band settings means? How to use this stuff? Bollinger Bands is one more indicator and nothing else. If you want to understand how it works and what is the indication you can visit this link and find everything you need: The first number is the periodicity of the simple moving average which forms the middle line of the Bollinger display.

In various different chart packages, its default setting can be 12, 14 or 20, but it can be reset. The second number is a user-designated number of standard deviations from the mean, and the upper and lower bands are lines connecting them, just as a moving average connects a series of averages. The underlying principle behind their intended use relates to statistical analysis. You keep starting threads asking about various different kinds of indicators and how to use them.

I'm wondering whether it will ever strike you that indicators may not be your way forward toward profitability, Azlan, and that learning to understand price action might, in the long run, turn out to be far more helpful to you, as it has been to many of us.

Indicators don't predict prices , but their parameters are calculated and their displays formed by recent historical prices. Bollinger Bands, in particular, are an indicator which is going to be very difficult for you to use productively and profitably without some understanding of both statistics and price action anyway.

These can be changed accordingly. According to Bollinger, these stocks could be starting new up swings. This scan is just a starting point. Further refinement and analysis are required. According to Bollinger, these stocks could be starting new down swings.

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Keltner Channels

Learn forex trading with training and education at's School of Pipsology. We are proud to share with you a comprehensive trading course designed for beginners to learn basic Forex trading, the BabyPips School of Pipsology Home; Strategies. Forex Basics. Grade 4 and Grade 5 will be on Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. All these are our favourite indicators and we love using them combined. BabyPips School. Apr 17,  · Bollinger Bands measure mid-term trend. price fluctuations between the upper and lower bands measure volatility and deviation from the day simple moving average. The Double Bollinger Band trading system is the only trading system that uses two Bollinger Band indicators with different historical periods. babypips School.