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1st Contact Forex 2018 Review

After a couple of years later I had a conversation with Nikos, and he told me that he was trading Forex. How Safe is It? Get in touch Should you need immediate assistance, submit a support ticket by filling out the form below. Traders From all corners of the globe, thousands of traders have already benefited from our unbeatable trading conditions and rock-solid service. Having looked at many such systems I've found his to be the simplest and easiest to implement.

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But because I kept on knocking relentlessly, at this door, I knew I would get my request, my desire answered. One day I was looking for something on You Tube and a title caught my eye and it was a video by Nikos Mermigas. I felt at ease from the first introduction to Nikos. There was no hype. There was no nonsense. Just a very down to earth, honest human being who genuinely wanted to help me.

I enrolled for his course and what I learned, caused me to wonder if I had learned anything in the past years of trading. With Nikos my success is becoming more and more consistent. My account is moving forward. My confidence has grown immensely. One of the strategies I have also learned with Nikos is Renko Bars. I love Renko Bars. The strategy is simple, uncluttered, and very exciting. It's making me consistent profits - Thank you Nikos. I've grown up on the family sheep and cattle farm where my father and grandfather have worked hard all their lives, battling the droughts and fluctuating prices.

Being primary producers their returns were limited and the risks seemed great. After finishing school I started working for the local Council in the Finance Department completing a course in Accounting - 3 years later I decided I did not like the office politics and especially the hierarchy of employment.

I was determined to find a way that I could be my own boss, work where I want and have no limit on what I could earn with controlled risk. I had known about trading for a while but was never sure how safe and consistent it was and whether I could make a living.

Fortunately, I found Nikos on YouTube and realised there can be very little risk with big reward long term. I decided to study his system on his website. Shortly after this I could see the power of the Spartan System and how simple it was.

From the outset I was breaking even with my results. Most people lose money at first so I didn't realize how good breaking even was. To better my results I wanted private mentoring, which Nikos was offering. He helped me master the fear and greed emotions in my head that allowed consistent returns. I thank Nikos for being so attentive and available as a Mentor. Showing me his live results on his trading accounts gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to persevere and believe I can trade for a living.

Richard Bryan - UK I have been trading on and off for 10 years with a lot of loses and not enough wins, but nothing to cry about. I have known for a long while that there are people who are making a fantastic living, trading the markets. So what do they know that I don't? I found Nikos offering a genuine opportunity to make a great income, and they told me up front that it will take some time, effort and their very loving support.

I have joined to see if i can keep myself on a consistent successful route. What I have learned from Nikos and his colleagues is that; ucKeep using the system and regardless of what the market is doing, whether going against you or for you, keep your mindset right and your profits will be rightud - Thank You!

Tomek Kowalski - Poland But then I decided that I really wanted to be a trader. This is how I joined Nikos trading program. Now I have my trading plan, a rather simple yet really powerful strategy and most important, someone who can teach me what I'm doing right and wrong. Thank you for all your support Nikos! As a teacher he is very thorough, patient and explains the concepts very well. He is interested in making sure his students know the material and can properly apply it to their trading.

With his method I'm able to successfully trade any market. I would recommend Nikos to anyone wishing to learn how to trade. Our wide range of products and services cater to a broad spectrum of traders, so please feel free to peruse our website and find out which of our products works best for you and your trading needs. We position those needs at the centre of our ethos, so our award-winning customer service is there to assist you in making FXChoice, the right choice.

Due to the highly-competitive nature of the online trading field, for us a focus on technology is paramount, as we believe being ahead of the curve in this area gives us the edge on our competitors. Coupled with this emphasis on technology is our dedication to security; we work tirelessly to ensure the protection of your data and guarantee the safety of your transactions.

Forex, spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products. They may not be suitable for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks. Contact us Live Chat Callback. Traders From all corners of the globe, thousands of traders have already benefited from our unbeatable trading conditions and rock-solid service. The exchange rate displayed when you submit your transfer will be the actual rate secured if the following terms are met: A valid UK debit card in your own name is used on our website successfully.

Your account has been activated and you have received a confirmation email stating this. In these cases 1st Contact can only secure you an exchange rate when we receive your documentation. This control requires javascript to be enabled. South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria , Australia. Help and Support Contact Support.

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Make speedy, secure and cost-effective international money transfers with the 1st Contact Forex currency converter. 1st Contact Forex Review: Find out who they are, how it works, how much it cost to transfer money internationally, exchange rates and the currencies offered. 1st Contact Forex is an arm of 1st Contact, a financial services company located in London that helps international citizens pursue their lives, careers and travel aspirations in the UK. 1st Contact Forex has been helping people send money around the world for more than 20 years.