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Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

They are one of the oldest CFD brokers, founded in , with four offices located… Continue Reading. I recently recovered my initial investment from a scam broker. I was having a particularly good morning when I received a picture message on my phone. Followed by it was inauguration of Anna Community hall and sports club. Did you meet your some of your goals?

MAIN FEATURES: EUR/USD, USD/CHF M15, M30 and H1 timeframes FREE product with no fees % full AUTO profit Swiss Forex technologies.

FX Research: Friday Sept 14

I kept asking to close the account without success. They then proceeded to use trading software from their server which I could not stop and traded me down to nothing within 2 days. I spent money investigating them without success. Metaquotes would not help in tracing them.

Their Bank in Sofia, Bulgaria would not help. The Swiss authorities would not help as I was told by my investigator. They are still trading through their website http: They have still got a trading office address in Zurich, Switzerland and are still trading so stay clear of them if you value your money.

I i am misled by pwrtrade. If you can get money transferred from a trading platform into your personal account then that is amazing. What is more amazing is if you can repeat that process many times after the first.

The many little wins one gets is designed to generate the greedy element in a trader so that the next investment is bigger for more financial gain but the result is often a loss and that takes a lot of trading to recover from. In the mean time the brokers go home with fat fists of money gained from their practice.

That is why they are called brokers! My loss to Broker Capital Ltd. USD after the company notified me it was ready to be transferred back. It simply closed its doors and shut down their website. The industry is one melting pot of many brokers that systematically do their little bit to suck your funds out of your bank accounts. Be aware of the scamming methods used by brokers.

Please take a look at their reviews and victims on the internet. If you been scammed by IMB trading, please come and join us at: Anybody been scammed by imbtrading. Michael Brooks Account Number: I have been investing with this company since February this year.

When i began with them they looked so Genuine and would always update me with everything going on with my account. But for the past two weeks they have not been communicating, their website in no longer available, my account has not changed their phone numbers are no longer working.

What bothers me is i referred 4 other people to invest there and they too are facing the same problem as i am. How can these be brought to book and on legal grounds how can we pin them down. If anyone can help please it will be greatly appreciated.

I spoke to lawyers in the UK. They have not assets in the company. Thus one cannot sue them. You can list your claims with the houseofcompanies in the UK. This will increase the length of time they have before they can file for bankruptcy. Other then that i am not sure what to do. Globus was registered with the FSB so they enity cannot help us. I opened out an account with GlobusCapital Limited 3 months ago.

I requested that globus close our account and give the money back after I found out they were cheating people. They have since stopped all communications and their website is not working as well. If anyone has been through this, is there anyway one can get ones money back?

If you have gotten your money back, how did you do it? Hi everyone, My account number is , I am struggling with Avafx since longtime but my money is stuck in the platform hence with them. AMAR is my account manager and he is only interested in all your deposits to the account. Poor customer support 2. No technical analysis or guidance provided 3. Delays in deposit transfer to account which creates panic and you have to hedge at higher levels.

Although they promise you trade recommendations, they leave you to trade on your own and incur losses. What is concerning regarding trading is , AVA practice dealing desk what means they are dealing against you their client, make money on your back and the only goal is that you feed them more with your money. Started investing with them after a smooth talking broker called me out of nowhere.

I was also told I could withdraw the profits anytime — which I was able to a few times — which convinced me they were a genuine company. This led me to invest even more. But around late July — August this year, I noticed the trading suddenly stopped.

When I emailed to query about this, I got no response. I then decided to withdraw the profits as well as my capital. But to this day, I have yet to receive a reply from them despite repeated calls and emails. So this is to warn potential investors to stay away from Globus Capital — a real scam company!

Same here from South africa but what bothers me is the site is still active and they still take deposits but do not pay out any money. They have now taken down the website and are in the process of dissolving the company GCAL. Even forex is a scam forex broker. Recently their fraud fund manager name Mr. Tamil his website http: Big cheater and also promoting their business through forex Tamil fake fund managers with all manipulation traders..

Just be aware of those scammers.. First, Tell me your original name and identity, Dont post like a coward with fake name and email address. I worked hard and got award for my hard work. I give genuine training and do business forex. If you are not happy with my growth, keep your mouth shut. Dont make fake reviews in online. Contact me in phone or email if you need any help in growing in life. I wanted to close the account and get my money back.

For the last 2 months unable to get my money back. Since I threatened them with legal action, all communication lost. Only communication is if I ring land line somebody answer but no solution to my problem. I can still log into my account but had not traded since I decided to get my money back.

No explanation or reasonable reasons given to me for the delay. Do not open an account with them, you will never get your money back, they are not FPA approved. Many governments have banned this organization. They will initially show you very nice trades with profit, and then the moment you ask for Withdrawal they will deliberately do some wrong trade with huge volume to wipe your account off in a no time.

Be aware, like most scam traders they too offer a small deposit to open your account. This caused me to doubt their credibility. Their site is adorned with every available badge to give them credibility, and their smooth talking presentations will only end in tears when they rob you in broad daylight of every penny. On 1st July I had a call from an account manager, Steven Gold who said he could not understand why I would want to close a profitable account.

He agreed to set the auto robot and then on its result reconsider my decision. The robot executed 8 trades on eight different instruments that closed at hrs and 7 trades on seven different instruments at hrs. From my own experience with auto robots, they certainly will not do that, so there was most definitely some human intervention or the robot that was set had only one result programmed and that was to deplete my account.

Despite numerous requests to have someone resolve this situation I have had little or no contact from them. They claim a deep investigation is taking place but nothing is happening.

Initially I made a small withrawal which they afforded but now whenever I or any of my friends I helped to join, want to make a withdrawal they dont give the money. Its really frustrating and I think we have been duped, it must be a scam. AvaTrade is an international Forex broker, that is part of the Ava Group of companies. They are one of the oldest CFD brokers, founded in , with four offices located… Continue Reading.

Contact phone number from… Continue Reading. Founded in , they have offices worldwide, including Australia, United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Their phone… Continue Reading. Box ,… Continue Reading. They were founded in , and are located at: They are owned by Firstrade Securities, Inc.

Fortrade is a Forex broker that is licensed and authorised by FCA. Owned by Fortrade Limited, they are located at: Founded in , they are a popular broker in Europe, South America and Australia. They are located at: Volume price analysis makes sense to me, and her and others' assertions that the market is controlled by insiders whose moves can be seen by analyzing volume is the best explanation I've seen yet for why price action forms certain consistent patterns.

My previous concept of technical analysis was that specific price patterns form when there are enough people who believe it will, simply a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I could never quite accept that as a reliable way to make money. Now I understand how volume affects candle formation, and how insider action is reflected in volume, and it's all logical. I can trade on that with confidence, which is the biggest thing I've gotten from these two books.

My only complaint about both books is that she could use a more attentive editor, but there's nothing so bad it's really distracting. That's short-sighted arrogance in my opinion. The most eloquent speaker or the most concise and grammatically correct writer is not usually the best teacher. Also, if Anna had a talented editor go over this with a fine-toothed comb, yes it would be slightly easier to read, a little less repetitious, and probably a little shorter, but it would be more expensive too.

If you want to learn how to work on your own Harley, the Haynes manual was written by a professional technical writer with a professional photographer looking over his shoulder at the work of a professional mechanic. Yet they or their editors still usually leave out all sorts of important details and perspectives that the grizzled old greasemonkey down at the shop is willing to give you if respect his experience and can dodge his tobacco juice and parse his colorful language.

The Haynes manual is certainly cleaner and easier to read, but I'd prefer a conversation with the veteran any time. Another reviewer for one of these books said they couldn't make out the charts in the Kindle version so they bought a print copy and it was no better.

I found it very helpful to read on my Kindle with my iphone in my lap above it so I could glance at the chart and back to the text without scrolling back and forth constantly - something Amazon could definitely improve in the Kindle experience.

Also, I haven't put her recommendations to use yet. My next step is to go through the VPA book again and condense the principles onto a set of flash cards. Then I'll start with the smallest possible lot size like she recommends , keep a journal, and mark up my flash cards as I go along. I'll update this review when I feel like I've got some meaningful experience. I am a beginner to Forex trading. I have not actually started live trading yet. I want to have a solid trading plan before I begin trading.

This book has a lot of good information. Having started with no knowledge of the Forex market, It has given me an understanding of what is involved in trading in Forex. The book is by no means the only book you will need on the subject, but in my opinion, it is a great start. I think the author touches on everything you need to know as far as topics, but sticks to systems and methods that have worked for her.

I agree with some of the other reviewers that the book really could have used better editing, or any editing at all. The thing that most bothered me was the size of the book; The full 8. It was hard to carry around all day, as it did not fit in my lunch box. Neither of these issues take away from the fact that the information provided is good, the book can be the start to a solid foundation. It is not the be all, end all, but as I said before it is a great start.

I took a course in ForeX for a week. After the course, I was encouraged to use the demo of the brokers site that this person uses the trainer in the course , and start trading at my own pace. Initially, I did really well, and got greedy, and then everything went wrong.

Every position I took got hit with a stop loss. I was beginning to think that trading might not be for me. One day I decided that perhaps I didn't have enough told to trade wisely, and started searching for the next "forex for dummies" type of book out there. This was highly recommended in several sites. And it turns out to be exactly what I needed.

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