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Montreal Exchange

List of Canadian stocks with options AND decent open interest. In , due to multiple factors, the Toronto Stock Exchange surpassed Montreal. To ensure I knew which Canadian securities had enough options volume to trade with reasonably, I decided to run a screen to find a list of optionable stocks and ETFs that had a decent amount of volume. I ended up adding a couple of issues into that mix that didn't meet that screen but had over 5k in open interest and were securities I traded or invested in - namely Telus and XFN. So if the option was exercised I'd just journal the shares to the US exchange where they would be called away? Well I started with http: List of Canadian stocks with options AND decent open interest Hi all, I have been working with options for my investment portfolios for a couple of years now, but mostly using my US holdings.

BAX - Three-Month Canadian Bankers' Acceptance Futures OBX - Options on Three-Month Canadian Bankers' Acceptance Futures ONX - .

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Aug 29,  · Option trader should keep his canadian stock in canadian or US account according to the currency of the dividend. The no-brainer is that he will gradually accumulate exchange-free US dollars. re the core canadian equity etfs: not for us are the marginal low-volume candidates like bmo, claymore etc. Companies typically don't decide themselves whether options will trade for their stock. The exchange and other market participants (market makers) decide whether to create a market for them. which owns both the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the Montreal Exchange. This primer on Canadian option eligibility shows how much. The following weekly options are found on the Canadian Montreal Stock Exchange (MX).