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You should know the answers to the following questions. Barringer Many companies have turned away from stock options and begun to make outright stock grants that must vest before the shares can be issued. A post-vest holding period is a specified length of time after you receive shares from an equity grant during which the company requires you to How is this taxed? As with Restricted Stock Shares, Units are also subject to forfeiture prior to the vesting event. Since then, other models have emerged, such as binomial and trinomial tree models, which are commonly used by professional options traders. Boeing announced such a plan a few years ago.

How Performance Shares Are Issued. In many instances, the distribution of performance shares is based on the company’s performance compared to specific metrics. For example, the shares might only be issued if the company’s stock attains a certain value on the market.

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So performance shares and stock options typically have a lot less in common than the article suggests. The more accurate comparison, perhaps, would be to stock options with an indexed strike price something most shareholder groups, I imagine, would be fine with. Performance shares are awards of shares of stock or stock units granted contingent upon achievement of previously defined performance objectives over . Home» Articles» Performance Stock Options in Broad-Based Plans [Editor's note: You can find many more articles on employee ownership and corporate performance in the articles section title Ownership Concepts and Research on our home page.].