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Fatwa MUI Forex Halal atau Haram Menurut Syariat Islam

Jangan bertrading menggunakan perusahaan broker yang bisa melakukan pengiriman uang dengan metode yang ilegal dan melanggar hukum, sebab hal itu tergolong pencucian uang atau money laundry yang tentunya juga dilarang oleh agama. And to support my answer, trading without swap is considered as halal by Islamic authority in Indonesia - my home country- which is the largest muslim country. Tak kenal Dr Zaharuddin? Olymp trade yang menu bitcoin bukan forex bagaimana hukumnya? Both FX and commodities are traded in the spot market for 24 hours. You may be slightly stolen by intermediaries but they need to work for something but still explore your costs. Based on your research, I can clearly see that you think the stock market is very difficult for muslims, and you're right, it is!

Forex Trading - Halal or Haram Fatwa Usury is of course completely prohibited in Islam, and is defined very widely. This implies that any kind of deal or contract which involves an element of interest (riba) is not permissible according to Islamic law.


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Forex Trading - Halal or Haram Fatwa

Normally, any high-risk trading is similar to gambling, so many Quran scholars consider Forex trading haram, just as gambling is considered haram. Moreover, normal stock trading is also questionable from the halal / haram perspective - it depends in what stocks you're investing and whether you're actually using stock trading to invest or speculate. Since I got the definition of Haram, my main aim was based on why Forex is considered Haram by so many people out there, while so many people consider Forex Halal and make a living on Forex . Ulasan peribadi saya: Terkilan Saya sebenarnya agak terkilan dengan apa yang difatwakan di Malaysia tentang forex trading ini adalah Haram jika trade secara retail (dipanggil retail trader, trade sendiri) dan halal jika di trade di Bank-Bank.