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Stop-Loss Order

You can read this article pretty interesting. This will complete my one full transaction i. AMO as the name suggests lets you place orders after market hours. And I think No one else could clear it better than you. If you the current value is above You place a SL-M selling with trigger price as I want to see all these 3 days: Try to gain as far as possible taking positive role to protect loss within scope of defensive game.

May 16,  · A trigger price is a price you can set to specify whether your actual buy or sell order is sent to the exchange's order book. For example, you hold a stock in profit. You want to ride the profit for as long as you can but you aren't willing to lose more than 5% of the current market price.

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The price at which a security can be bought or sold. Why do you scratch your head? It is the price you pay me to let you know when you are loosing the money. Related Questions Stop loss trigger price? What is trigger price and stop loss? What factors trigger stock prices to go up? Answer Questions Profit margin of 9. What are index mutual funds? Can I buy and just hold stocks without additional cost? How to perform futures trading? Is there a service that can assist me in challenging my stock brokerage informing me that I must leave them?

I want to invest into stocks. What is the easiest way to invest at 18? And could someone explain how the stock market works.? Amzn stock has a PE ratio of and pays NO dividend.

I have a demat and trading account in HDFC, how do I start investing in the stock market if this will be my first time? Can we apply both stop loss and target in intraday trading for same stock? How can I sell stocks on trading platforms before buying them? I'm a college student and I want to invest in stocks. I have a demat account but no knowledge about stock markets. Where do I start? If you are trying to determine the levels and not the operations part then bro you got to refer to the pivot, support and resistance levels to determine the 'take profit' and the 'stop loss' levels where you can exit the trade.

These figures are again dependent on the previous days OHLC as they will determine the technical levels or else you can resort to the technical charts for some more analysis. The ops part has already been explained by the previously and pardon me if i got your question wrong.

Simple options trading guide. Most options traders lose because they don't know this simple formula. Learn More at prtradingresearch. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Its always better to put only stoploss order and when 34 comes modify the stoploss to a normall sell order and sell or else if you put 2 orders there is a risk of both getting executed if you are not monitoring it closely.

Use sl order stop loss as the option. Remember to enter trigger price and price, before placing order. If u r not aware of the terms , please google it. Need to solve your small business funding problems?

Apply now - no cost, no obligation. Apply Now at lendio. Related Questions What happens in that rare instance when a stock stops trading and then resumes trading during normal trading hours?

How do I learn how to trade stocks and become a bull, particularly in India? I've never traded before and I have no experience in trading. What are the available software solutions to set the trigger points like sell price, stop loss, and trailing stop loss at the time of buying t How does the stock market work? Who decides the price of stocks?

Contingent Orders

Trade Trigger Example Suppose that a trader wants to create a covered call position. The trader may place a limit order to buy shares of stock and, if the trade executes, sell a call option against the stock that was just purchased. Plus, the time limit on the order may cause it to cancel before it is executed if the price never reaches its trigger point. A stop-limit order combines the features of a stop-loss order and a limit order. When the stock reaches a specific price target, it triggers the limit order and trades at that price or better. You are here: Home / Trading / How Stop loss Orders Work on Hitting Trigger Price How Stop loss Orders Work on Hitting Trigger Price .