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Vs system trading cards

System Trading Card Games. Ottima l'idea della traduzione. Marvel Avengers VS system 42 foil cards, 18 rares. What are some of your guy's favorite decks and why? Donate to Vs System. The game was designed to portray the VS System. Today i would like to hear your opinion on this card.

Home page for the game (Marvel & DC) Select the parameters to search for cards from this game in the form below, or select the expansion set that interests you.

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System news and discussion. System Organised Play A forum to discuss and promote Vs. System Organised play and events throughout the world.

Are you a Tournament Organiser? If so, post the details of your tournament here! Decks and Strategy Talk about strategy and tactics. Rules The forum for Vs. System rules, rulings and all associated documentation. System Blogs and Articles Do you have a Vs. Feel free to post your updates in here. Unfortunately we can't do an automatic thing with RSS, but you can post as often as you like!

Fan Creations Do you have a fan set or fan card that you've created? Feel free to post them here. Vs Trading This forum is currently under construction. I will open soon. Decks and Strategy Got a build? Clay Golem 32 Ghost Rider vs. Blackout 33 Thor vs. Gauntlet 34 Rogue vs. Emplate 35 Wolverine vs.

Magneto 36 Spider-Man vs. Mister Negative 37 ArchAngel and Vanisher vs. Pyro 38 Spider-Girl vs. Green Goblin 39 Wolverine vs.

Daken and Cyber 40 Moon Knight vs. Venom 41 Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom 42 Cable and Bishop vs. Brood 43 Iron Man vs. Titanium Man 44 Hercules vs. Ares 45 Nova vs. Monark Starstalker 46 Punisher vs. Bullseye 47 Havok vs. Vulcan 48 X vs. Lady Deathstrike 49 Rocket Raccoon vs. Blastaar 50 Captain America vs. Red Skull 51 Storm vs. Sabretooth 52 Night Thrasher vs. Mystique 54 Elektra vs. Skrull Daredevil 55 Major Victory vs. Starhawk 56 Black Panther vs.

Red Hulk 59 Ronin vs. The Hand 60 She-Hulk vs. Ursa Major 61 Thor vs. Skrull 62 Sage vs. Purge 63 Wolverine vs. Daken 64 Hulk vs. Red Hulk 65 Wolverine vs. Sabretooth 66 Moon Knight vs. Midnight 67 Ghost Rider vs. Moonstone 69 Punisher vs. Skrull 70 Captain America vs. Loki 71 Thor vs. Frost Giant 72 Iron Man vs. Winter Soldier 73 Thor vs.

Absorbing Man 74 Spider-Man vs.

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Vs. System (Marvel & DC). Create your own decks of cards online and review those created by other players. Trade Cards Online The best platform to trade all collectible card games! Miniature Trading Let us find for you the miniatures you need Trade Cards Online. communicate randomly with people around the world. Trade Cards Online The best platform to trade all collectible card games! Miniature Trading Let us find for you the miniatures you need List of Vs. System (Marvel & DC) games played on the site. These games are played on our generic Virtual Tabletops and are not official Vs. System (Marvel & DC) games. Trade Cards Online Forum Index-> Vs. System (Marvel & DC) All times are GMT: Page 1 of 1: Jump to: You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum: Powered.