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Top 10 Best Forex Brokers Review 2018 – The very best Forex Broker

Do you like their teaching style? Picking a good spot to buy or sell is what I describe as trading with confluence. Wowww… Nice one there, will try and apply all the great men strategies and see if it will work for me. What steps should I follow to become a Forex trader? Please remember that the past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. They build their fortune in silence.

The world's best Forex trader Let's begin our review of Forex successful traders by looking at one of the industry's legendary beacons of good fortune, George Soros. Mr Soros is known as one of the greatest investors in history.

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The Bottom Line

Most currency traders avoid the limelight, but a select few have risen to international stardom. The five most famous forex traders share common virtues such as strong self-confidence. If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. The same goes for the Forex market. Here are the 5 most successful traders in the foreign exchange market that you should know about. 1: Bill Lipschutz. Born in New York, Bill has always excelled in mathematics and was a bright student overall. Feb 22,  · All successful forex traders started out trading stocks, bonds, funds, etc. They did not start off trading the Forex. Once they ventured into the world of Forex and became more successful, they still continue to diversify their portfilios by also investing in stocks, bonds, funds, etc.