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EUR/USD current read

News have no relevance. It has provoked plenty of discussions in the Russian forex community. Now, look at the targets prompted by the projected distance of the current move up and the channel target calls. Hello Forex21, I am a fan of […]. Eliminate foreign currency quota for new students. Though, the currency market is unpredictable most of the time, […].

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You thought you knew how the market worked?! Think again!

If price opens higher, minimum target is the 1. If I also plot the 88 lines, you would see a double pump at the end, that would increase the chance that Wave 5 would be a short one: Also take note of the white spinning top. As soon as its bottom is crossed back up from below, the bear time would be over with. On regular days, the price tends to play ping pong between the green river and the 2H LEMA — starting at 1. You can also see the spot they bought the inner 8-line with a stop just beyond the outer 8-line risking 10 pips or so on the trade.

See the sentence, increased chance of reversal in the Principles article. Price should not have fallen back here. Little noise, nothing serious. Opening move down, 3 maggots lower — the sudden oversold was bought. Buy cover your short only after the second downside exhaustion. And recharge afterwards upon a local overbought condition. As a remark, there was a double pump at the top, check the two brown lines: It is a working trade. Maybe you should get my 88 Routine. There is an extension possibility here to back test the confluence of the Wave 1 defense and market maker sell pips higher.

Drop away, then retrace… where you get to short the hell out of it at the inner 8 with the low risk stop above the outer one. Does not look good. Currently in Wave C or Wave 3 up, so gap up is a possibility. One more green exhaustion on the upside and bulls are finished. Imagine for a second that you are a blind believer of E. You are going in short up to the arrow, and placing your stops nearby.

If that stop was within pips of your entry, you were probably knocked out for a loss by the MMs immediately. Now, if that down move was merely a Wave 1, and we are in Wave 3 to the downside… How bad would you feel about that almost perfect short entry upon seeing the gap down?

I would run the stops of people currently short, that are placed above the visible, long wick — and for extra safety — just above 1. Now, look at the targets prompted by the projected distance of the current move up and the channel target calls.

As a reminder, EUR is not likely going higher in the near term. Market Makers were dumping out on the way to 1. I saw some very bot-like action not long ago, in the after hours I think I could write the program for this. There are different ways to a market turn. A double dump X is when a wave 3 runs out of participants, and has a last push within it. Wave 5 would be missing and so the result is a 2-wave move instead, a C.

The next leg up seems to revolve around the small speculators getting wrong footed sudden drop. This is a limited number people poker, and when the official loser folds — or blinks, someone else wins their bet. Out of the limited number of players, you can see how a top is made: The wave 4, if it has not ended yet, is the weirdest correction I have ever encountered.

I would think the price is going to play catch up to the bottom of the channel, by when it would be over the recent top. Gap below is what you have in mind, to hand out your shorts before the sucker rally, dear institutional trader? An undercut of the head at 1. Would you let it slip all the way to the deeply overbought neckline at 1. Can we even get a full back test, the measured move of the impulse wave down to 1.

I post a popular article, I get visits that day, some people would come back for the next 3 days, on the 4th I have virtually no visitors. Therefore this page from now on is merely a store of images, that I keep up for myself to look at on occasions while I am away from home. As for future reference, on the http: Skip to content Profit Factor: Anchorage Wild UGD fine tuning in progress. Calm and collected look, how to achieve it? Until you get an up move that is greater than 33 pips, the direction shall remain down The Short Wave sets the direction.

The No Break terminates the move. Downside terminated for the 3rd time. To truly create a dynamic, interactive, social and collaboration-rich online learning environment requires a redefinition of what it is to teach. So how do the practices of the educator change in networked environments, where information is readily accessible?

Read on to find out. Despite great advances in educational technology and the students it serves, research shows that many educators still have trouble adapting to newer systems. Why is it that these teachers, supposedly at the front lines of learning, are also the ones struggling to keep up with the pace?

Behind the seemingly productive numbers for edtech is a permeating struggle that must be addressed. And the solution always involves PD. By the time a child is in second grade, they often become self-conscious if they fall behind and may begin to display behavioral issues. While not all children will learn to read on the same schedule, there are things we can do as parents and educators to encourage the process.

One of the simplest and most profoundly effective methods for encouraging literacy is music. Though, the currency market is unpredictable most of the time, […]. As you probably know the upcoming ECB meeting and the outcome of the Greece Election have the potential to turn the currency exchange market upside down. MetaQuotes has recently started the beta-tests of the new update for Meta Trader 4 platform.

It has provoked plenty of discussions in the Russian forex community. Traders are sharing with their opinions and problems that they have faced after updating the platform. I didn't find a lot of information about the update for English-speaking traders. This article will introduce you to the basic terms used in by Forex traders.

It is absolutely necessary to know them well, otherwise you could face the significant problems during currency trading. During the trades, codes are […].

There are two major ways for analyzing currency markets:

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forex duet Eliminate foreign currency quota for new students This Thursday was the agreement of exchange of N ° 35 eliminates peoples students get a's for academic activities outside agents of currency. Welcome to the NEO Blog, the place where we jibber and jabber everything about educational technology, e-learning, and 21st century learning in schools. Subscribe to our blog . ForexDuet. 4, likes · 17 talking about this. Blog de trading en Forex en el que ayudamos a otros traders a mejorar y mostramos cómo operamos.