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Gtl trading dmcc

Ma nel sito http: Pubblicato da Michele Barbera a No case is filed in Dubai and no court order has been issued. Io penso che scriviamo tutti ma tanti sn i colpevoli non 1 o !!!!! A Madoff Arabic for italian customers:

Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. has advertising and affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this site and may be compensated if readers follow .

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A simple google search brings up a trail of setup and then later dissolved companies worldwide among other questionable practices. For a client its almost forgivable but for a regulator ASIC it absolutely beggars belief how they even let it get to this stage. He has also wasted a lot of money in FarmAll Technology http: What i would like to know, is it legal under ASIC client money rules to transfer client assets to a firm in Dubai?

This website suggests just that:. If that is true, ASIC regulation looks like a joke. Maybe ForexMagnates can clarify with a compliance expert? My investment was with Velocity Trade in New Zealand which was sold to gtl under the pretence of a joint venture. Do I have recourse against Velocity Trade? If you reference the abundance of information available you will see that the revenue of GFT was very strong, this can be attributed to strong risk management.

There were never reports of large losses or poor risk metrics. A sudden change in regulatory enforcement combined with a poorly situated cost structure seemed to be the culprits that lead to the acquisition according to all public data. Inside whispers say that it seems the director of the failed GTL Tradeup may well have taken himself off as director on Monday before the shame went down on Wednesday? I, like you have also been put at a financial loss and wait to hear how the insolvency will be handled.

Ritengo, comunque, sia giusto percorrere tutte le iniziative possibili per arrivare al comune obiettivo. Non posso che prendere atto che la EQUIS sarl, secondo "Anonimo", non ha mai fatto alcun movimento finanziario, ma resta il fatto storico della sua costituzione. Anche in maniera critica. Visti i commenti di "anonimo", vorrei chiarire alcuni punti. L'informazione in questi casi significa non solo scambio di vedute o opinioni, anche ricerca della soluzione e prevenzione.

Per il resto non avrei alcun problema se sul blog intervenisse Di Fonzo o Riaz. Ma non credo che lo studio a cui accenna "anonimo", la faccia tanto per scherzare o per spillare quattrini alle quasi "" persone. In quel caso, e con mia profonda amarezza sarei costretto ad eliminarli.

Ma alla fine io mi chiedo ma la procura Zanetti Lamanna visto che Gforex era una societa' regolamentata e sottoposta a controllo Banca d 'Italia hanno una pista che stanno seguendo o dobbiamo essere noi clienti ad indagare se Di Fonzo Spinardi e compagnia sn colpevoli insieme a Riaz o meno???

Se qualcuno e' colpevole mi devo fare giustizia io o deve essere chi di competenza a fare giustizia. Io penso che scriviamo tutti ma tanti sn i colpevoli non 1 o !!!!! Mi vergogno di essere italiano!!

Ed essere fregato da un pachistano forse in compagnia di qualche italiano!!! C e' stata una nuova interrogazione parlamentare ma la risposta molto vaga!!! Qualcuno sa' qualcosa in piu'????? Riporto una parte pubblica sul sito: Ma nel sito http: Di quale azione giudiziaria ha paura Riaz? Their MT4 platform goes through severe glitches in the midst of trading.

On the 10th of March, their MT4 platform stopped functioning - in the midst of trading!! Customer service is good by e-mail, but very confusing when you call. They claim to have offices in BVI, London, Switzerland and Dubai, but when you call during normal business hours, calls seem to be always re-routed to Dubai. So it's difficult to trust this broker with their information listed on their site. Review Moderation Team Note: GTL informs us that they can not accept US clients at this time.

Since it is not based in the US, it is not listed with US regulators. I have sent withdrawal form 10 december - got payment two days ago.

Terrible execution on Metatrader. Very hard to believe. If someone sells this pair, he or she must face a terrible lost. A picture has been taken to prove this event, if it is necessary to show.

Although the platform is a bit slow in execution of orders my withdrawals have been done on request from london HSBC bank and I have received money really quick.

2008/09 GTL Trading Reviews

Aug 21,  · Most importantly, it is worth noticing that the Madoff case concerned a massive fraud against 50 billion dollars, Mahmood Riaz and GTL Trading DMCC never had those Italians as their clients, the two situations are . GTL Forex broker is out of business. GTL Forex reviews no longer accepted. GTL Tradeup (GTL), a regulated financial services’ firm in Australia has decided to call it a day. The move comes on the back of a notice issued by the firm to the Australian financial watchdog about its intention to place the brokerage into liquidation.