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Real time and historical market data for stocks, futures & forex

TrueFX is brought to you by the team at Integral, a technology provider of trading systems to foreign exchange market participants. This could be as frequently as several times a second, or every few seconds. Why did you create TrueFX? Technology and integration tools for efficient data management. If you have not yet selected the datafeed, you should ask yourself several questions, for instance: And Many More Features Conditions in the demo account cannot always reasonably reflect all of the market conditions that may affect pricing and execution in a live trading environment.

ForexFeed data services deliver Real-Time (Bid,Ask,Mid) or Intraday (OHLC) Currency and Metals data to your Apps, when and where you need it.

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Delivered directly to the end-client from our cloud, no extra infrastructure required. Reference data, Fundamentals, Corporate Actions Global Fundamentals and Corporate Actions data, provided via carefully engineered APIs which simplify integration and allow to query the global company fundamentals easily. Index Construction and Management Solutions Full index management lifecycle automation technology. An easy way for documenting algorithms and methods used together with analytical expressions and code eliminating the need for separate documentation storage and management.

Workflow automation and visual structuring. Data flow design and automation. Custom solutions and on-demand index construction. Options Analytics, Option Pricing and other Calculated Data Services Our options analytics engine provides the model-free arb-free theoretical option prices calculation based on real-time or historical data as well as pluggable-model calculations.

Pricing data may be delivered along with a real-time data feed or calculated en masse based on the historical onDemand data store tick-level and aggregated data. Machine Learning Our market clustering tool uses machine learning techniques and statistical models using true performance of each security to create a real-time map of the market, providing true vision for investors and portfolio managers.

It helps to uncover the financial nature of each security and its behavior and its place in the always shifting market structure. Carefully planned coverage and reach Our choice of colocation data centers was carefully made to enable our clients to rationalize their infrastructure, decrease their technology spending and be connected to a broad community of market participants including exchanges, execution brokers, buy- sides and other technology service providers.

We have a history of pushing the envelope in foreign exchange technology: We built the first multi-sided trading network and offer all our products as on demand services. In that spirit, we decided to build TrueFX. How is TrueFX different from other forex websites? TrueFX is the first destination to offer historical and real-time tick-by-tick data for free. Historically, this data has been costly and thus only available to the larger market participants.

Anyone who has an interest in currency rates is welcome to take advantage of TrueFX. That might be a university with specific research needs, an algorithmic trader, or individuals who want to better understand and compare the rates they are being charged with what the market truly is. Where does the data come from? FX Grid is a global inter-institutional connectivity and trading network, linking market making banks and major financial institutions.

TrueFX is an aggregated liquidity stream from multiple sources, including the largest financial institutions and FX market makers in the world. How often is the data refreshed? How many intervals are there between each data point?

The data is displayed as tick-by-tick data. That means every time the market changes, the display is adjusted accordingly. This could be as frequently as several times a second, or every few seconds. Is TrueFX a retail broker?

No, TrueFX is not a broker. TrueFX is a service brought to you by Integral, a neutral technology provider.

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TraderBytes provides real-time market data to traders around the world. Sign-up for our low cost data feed and receive Index and Market data for many exchanges starting today!! The data feed will update live on your computer. Use the TraderBytes data feed with the Ensign charting software. Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions. Real Time Data for Amibroker Metastock For Rs /- Monthly,MT4 RealtimeData feed for Rs /- Monthly for all segment. Super Quality Real-time Data Feed For Nse Cash Future, Options, Commodity Currency Forex Comex, nymex, In Amibroker, Metastock MetaTrader 4. Order a custom Live data feed for FOREX/Currencies, Gold and Silver. Live data services offer real-time FOREX (Foreign Exchange) and Precious Metals (Gold and Silver) tick data/price quotes. All real-time data services include access to live/latest Bid, Ask, Mid .