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EUR & CHF Weekly Forecast (July 30 – Aug 3)

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EUR CHF (Euro / Swiss Franc) The Euro vs. the Swiss Franc. This pair is known as a pair trend because there are often long upward or downward trends. This pair is known as a pair trend because there are often long upward or downward trends.


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EURCHF Forex Chart

Live and Historical EUR/CHF Rates The following chart represents the value of the Euro against the Swiss Franc (CHF) – how many franks can purchase one Euro. Since the Euro came into circulation, the Swiss frank mostly followed the movement of the Euro because of Switzerland’s close geographic and economic ties with the Eurozone. Stay up to date for the trading year ahead with our Forex forecast for the EUR/CHF pair. EUR/CHF: January Forecast - 31 December | 12/31/ AM The EUR/CHF pair has been going sideways for some time now. Forex Trading Foreign Exchange Market, trade major and minor currencies in South Africa, Forex affiliate, Currency Trading, Online Forex Market, Best forex brokers, Robots, live money currency exchange rates.