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ACI Singapore 25th Anniversary Charity Golf & Gala Dinner 2018

Adherence to principles of ethical behaviour ACI has always considered ethical conduct to be a key cornerstone of the Financial Markets — as such ACI has always encouraged its members to acknowledge, respect and adhere to principles of ethical behaviour. ACI offers 3 tiers of certification — introductory level, advanced level and expert level, as well as continuous learning options. I look forward to our celebration and support for ! Skip to main content. This network allows ACI members to engage with Central Banks, Regulators and Institutions, not only within their country of residence but globally

ACI education is recognised globally, and mandated by employers across many countries as the certification of choice for front, middle and back office staff within Treasury. ACI offers 3 tiers of certification – introductory level, advanced level and expert level, as well as continuous learning options.

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You may click on the following icons to go to our Facebook or Instagram Page: Click here to download the Sponsorship Participation Form. Click here to download the Gala Dinner Sponsorship Form. Cocktail starts at 6. We sincerely hope that you can join us in this fund-raising effort and your kind donation will definitely help the CG18 beneficiaries in many ways. For this year, the fund-raising proceeds will go towards helping the following beneficiaries: Situated next to Bedok Reservoir, Temasek Polytechnic is a leading institution of higher learning.

Established in , it has gained a reputation for being a vibrant polytechnic. Students have access to many state-of-the-art facilties. These facilities augment the education its students receive to ensure they graduate as well-rounded, industry-ready professionals. Although these children started with less as compared to their peers, they can be assured that they will have the fullest support from the community in their schooling needs. SACH seeks to help patients regain daily living functions before they are discharged back home.

SACH also provides post-discharge care through its community therapy and home care services. Last year, SACH served more than 8, people. The Society seeks to inspire hope and empower positive change in needy families, youths and lonely seniors in the Community through her four core services — Family Service, Counselling Service, Youth Service, and Senior Service. Founded in by Ivan Heng, W! In all of its work, W!

MCYC helps children and youths from needy and disadvantaged families in their social, emotional, psychological, educational and character development. It specialises in working with out-of-home children and youths; especially those with complex trauma from abuse.

Each year, MCYC helps about 3, beneficiaries of all language, race and religion. AWWA is a social service organisation, serving over 6, of the disadvantaged across life stages. Geoffrey Munn intimated to us that our Application for international affiliation to the parent body, Association Cambiste Internationale was receiving their favorable consideration.

Very pleased to receive your application for affiliation to ACI, which I am happy, to put to the central committee as it stands for recommendation to the council. Very best wishes from us for a successful meeting and a bright future for your club.

Another important subject Foreign Exchange Risk and Controls with case study and discussions they were all resource personnel from overseas. A dealers word is ones bond and the need for togetherness. And the President was invited for the next council meeting in Luxembourg on 3rd June the same year followed by the International Congress. The President accepted the invitation and attended the council meeting and took part in its deliberations.

Mukundan readily agreed to allot two places for the Sri Lanka Forex Club. The Forex Club received help from many quarters and we were reasonably proud of our fledgling club. Since the Club has undergone several changes, first with its logo, then a change of name, the introduction of brokers, and personnel dealing in the FX and money market. Membership in the club too has grown immensely from the 67 members at the inception. Mr Freddie Jayarajah, Founder President. Ivan Bank of Ceylon. Nirupan Wijeyanathan Taprobane Investments Pvt.

Channa Dayaratne Seylan Bank Limited.

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ACI Singapore – The Financial Markets Association (formerly known as the Forex Association of Singapore) is the standard bearer for financial markets' professionals in Singapore. The Association was formed in and its history has been inextricably linked to Singapore’s emergence as a leading financial centre in the world. ACI Singapore " will be remembered as one of the most eventful years in modern history. I would like to thank again the dedicated team from ACI Singapore, members of my Organising Committee, Event organiser Directions Group, sponsors and donors. I .