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I reviewed his market analysis and stock price action and they're right upto the mark. Customers are entitled to expect an acceptable standard of service from a company they are paying a considerable sum of money to, whether it be their first day in business, their last, or any day in between. If you train one on one with me, you will have a mentor and professional trader who you will work with for the next three months! It took ten months before I received the first contact from the company in relation to the problem I had approached them for assistance with. If you have questions that can only be discussed by phone, you will have phone access to me after trading hours. Rate Option Trading Coach?

If the coach is teaching you in a way you understand and you feel you are getting your money's worth, that is what counts. Trading and coaching is a business. Coaches need to recruit students – this is how they make money. Therefore, sales pitches abound across media sources. When seeking to improve your trading, this can be overwhelming.

I am unlike any other training service. Period.

Other customers may have had a different experience with this company, but my personal experience has proved to be extremely disappointing, frustrating and stressful, and continues to remain so to this day, as I endeavor to have this company provide a satisfactory resolution to my complaint. However, I am well accustomed to their extremely slow response times. This ended in Feb , when Mr Chianelli blocked me from e-mailing him; presumably in an attempt to prevent me from pursuing my complaint any further.

I found this behavior petulant and unprofessional, particularly from the senior representative of a company to whom I had paid over twelve hundred dollars for a service that fell well below the most basic, acceptable standard. They refer to technical problems they experienced with their newly launched product. They suggest this was the cause of the poor service I received.

Customers are entitled to expect an acceptable standard of service from a company they are paying a considerable sum of money to, whether it be their first day in business, their last, or any day in between. If a company is unable to deliver the standard of service advertised due to internal problems, it is appropriate for them to reimburse their customer for the service they have been unable to deliver, as a result of their self-confessed failings.

It is inappropriate and unprofessional to stubbornly refuse to rectify the problem, when you have been unable to refute the complaint made against you.

It is indefensible to look to blame the customer for your poor service, as this company did. The company quotes a selective extract from an e-mail in their reply. Should they have done this, it would have cast a very different interpretation to one they have chosen to portray in their response. However, what the selective text they quote does illustrate perfectly, is how a customer who was patient and accommodating of the early problems encountered with their service, was completely alienated by the incompetence and neglect experienced at the hands of a company who demonstrated a complete disregard for the welfare of one of their early and you would think because of this, more valued customers.

This will give a more balance and accurate view of the treatment I received. They do not make for pleasant reading. Neither do they reflect well upon the professionalism of the company or the CEO. I found the e-mails I received from Mr Chianelli unprofessional in their tone, and at times, outright offensive.

This reflects my opinion of this company - they value their image far more than they value the customer experience of their paying subscriber. In fairness, I too would be ashamed and embarrassed to represent a company knowing they had treated any customer as badly as I was treated. The thoughtless contradiction of the two statements shows the complete lack of common sense frequently displayed by this company during my dealings with them.

Hopefully this review will help others do the same. You may find as I did that they will use any excuse legitimate or otherwise justify denying you a refund. You can draw your own conclusions as to why this is. Do not be seduced by the glossy public image portrayed in their online marketing. The reality is VERY far removed from level of service or professionalism suggested by their promotional material. I wish you better luck than I had! To our knowledge, this company collects reviews by asking its customers to share their experiences on Trustpilot.

Read more This company has claimed its Trustpilot profile, but to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot. Read more This company hasn't claimed its Trustpilot profile and to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot.

Rate Option Trading Coach? Review Option Trading Coach now. Option Trading Coach reported this review for breach of Trustpilot guidelines. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes. Option Trading Coach's reason for reporting This is spam. This may be true if the coach has the track record to back up this claim, but just because a person is successful at trading does not mean that he or she can effectively relay that skill to someone else.

On the other hand, a coach who no longer trades can still provide great benefit if he or she is an effective teacher. A non-trader coach may have been successful as a trader in the past but has chosen to give up trading. The reasons for this are numerous: However, it may also be that the trader has failed miserably at trading.

At first, it may seem that this person would not be a good coach, but this is not necessarily true; we can learn a lot from other people's failures. In addition, even though someone was unable to implement a certain system themselves due to lack of discipline, psychological or physiological reasons, this does not mean that a different person can't be successful using the same method.

Both sides can likely agree on the fact that, in order to coach someone else, a teacher needs to have experience in what students will go through.

Essentially, coaches must have market experience in some form or another. This does not mean they need to have traded personally, but they will at least have to have been in an environment where they witnessed others trading.

Observation can be a great teacher that can lead to the teaching of others. On both sides of the argument, there are examples of traders being great and horrible coaches, as well as coaches who no longer trade or never did that are fantastic.

Think for a moment about a sport. The athletes who play professional sports are the best athletes in the world, and yet they are often coached by someone who has inferior skill.

This is okay, because the coach is there to help hone another person's skills. Just because coaches don't have the qualities of a peak performance athlete does not mean they can't pick out and elevate those qualities in others.

On the flip side, we have had some amazing talents who could not and cannot effectively pass on whatever it was that made them great athletes.

When we look at trading, or investing, much worth is placed in those who don't actually trade the markets professionally. Market analysts gauge the market using varying tools and methods and relay that information to others. While many analysts may not be traders, some are often very accurate in their market analysis. Having a bird's-eye view of the unfolding situation allows them to make predictions without an investment in the outcome. These insights are helpful to many traders, even though the information comes from someone who may have never placed a trade.

Bad mentors are usually one-trick ponies who only know one or two things and trying to make money off of unsuspecting amateur students. The choice is obvious. Download Our Free eBook. Start with Brokers that have free accounts and professional grade software. Software that's the same whether you're practicing with fake money or trading real money. Practice with virtual money.

Invest and trade in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, and forex. No minimum and no maintenance fees. Invest and trade in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and options. Get trained in the foundations of the stock market and stock trading with two courses, a wealth of easy-to-use tools, and top-tier coaching support, in the program that helps you start managing your own portfolio. Description Build your knowledge from the ground up.

Understand key concepts and learn the basic spread trades that will give you a foundation to trade successfully. You used to have to get hired by a professional trading firm to get world-class training. Video up to 15 minutes: See how trading is done methodologically as an occupation on a daily basis, from beginning to end. Start with the daily in-depth analysis of stocks, the overall […].

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Trading options Does NOT have to be complicated. pERIOD.

Thinkorswim, Division of TD AMERITRADE, Inc. and Option Trading Coach, LLC are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other's services and products. All trades, patterns, charts, systems, trading strategies, etc., discussed in this website and the product materials are for illustrative purposes only and not to be . Options Coaching Learn Option Trading with MTM Personalized Options Coaching. In trading, you don’t get a medal just for showing up. To win at this game, you need rigorous training, like the training you can get from the coaches here at Market Taker Mentoring. Learn options trading from the only legitimate stock market coach. Every student learns how to be a profitable options trader. Simple and easy to learn.