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Here we will learn not only what they are, but also how to profit from them! The concept is that simple. The course is designed not only to prevent traders from wiping out quickly, but also to give them the tools they need to continue trading based on technical analysis on a long-term basis. Ryan, how do you know anything is true on the internet. Technical analysis is wonderful, I personally created my own custom indicators that I based on ichimoku, in order to give multiple moving averages from different time periods etc. Clear, competitive pricing and superior trade executions Sophisticated trading platforms, designed for active currency traders Market leader with proven record of financial strength and security. I've spent past 4 years learning about trading and forex.

The Forex Trading Coach by Andrew Mitchem, from a dairy farmer to a successful forex trader will share his success stories in forex trading. (Andrew Mitchem) profile provided by Andrew Mitchem, Sep 1, 2015

A comprehensive support site contains clients questions and answers to trading topics. Full email support is included.

Video Your company video here? Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. After searching for months to find a trading system with proven documented results I was fortunate enough to find Andrew Mitchem's Forex Trading Coach course.

The course is outstanding and is all meat and no fluff! He does a great job breaking down this very complex world into bite sized chunks that are easy to digest and understand. Andrew is not about Hype and flash.. He has built a community over the years that is supportive and educational. Andrews sole goal is that all members be able to learn this market and go off on their own and become a trader with what they learn through the program.

He is not about selling chat room memberships. If you are looking for a true proven systems that works Andrew trades in his LIVE account on webinars for all members to see with a great guy and a great community then look no further. I urge you to do your due diligence like I did and if you do I am sure you will end up with the same answer I did. Best of luck to you and Cheers, Tom Brady.

Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Aug 14, Hi Tom, Thank you for your kind comments. Thanks for joining and it's awesome to know you are enjoying the way we teach the course. Looking forward to helping you progress with your Forex journey and reaching your trading goals. Joined Andrew long time ago, my plan was that I will become a trader. Many years has been passed, and I have been changed a lot, his system and results are not.

I am still adopting myself to get hooked down this world, but the reason for this is myself: Appropriate his openness and consistency, but his greatest skill is the transparency. Very very few teacher could give this to their students. Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Aug 9, Hi Mate, Thanks for your kind comments.

It's great know you like our style of trading and teaching. I was on the edge to stop trading or do something different.

I bought Andrew's course and never looked back. It is a simple and eye-opening. There is some chance that you probably know all this stuff, but He allows you to look at his on proper angle and you start seeing what you need.

Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Jul 15, Thanks for your feedback. It's great to know that taking my coaching course has helped you so much with your trading.

Keep up the good work and happy trading! I personally experienced and would like to recommend mentorship program from Andrew Mitchem. Material is recorded in video lessons that are easy to follow, you have great communication and follow up with Andrew.

He and Paul are very diligent with organizing and leading training sessions every week, that are available to view as recordings. The main advantage for me is that I can see how professional traders think and trade instead of struggling alone. On the Forum all traders are very supportive and provide constructive feedback on trades placed.

So I can practice together with more experienced traders. Strategy is clear and works wellon all timeframes, most important to be selective and patient. Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Jul 2, Hi Tatiana, Thanks for your review.

It's great to have you on board with us and taking part in our large community of like-minded Forex traders. As you mention, the selective and patient approach works the best. I've spent past 4 years learning about trading and forex. Taken 1 paid and 2 free courses previously, but this course has been worth its weight in gold! Excellent course, which i will continue to review, great system, and amazing community of traders!

Hopefully one day I will be able to trade for a living! Reply by Andrew Mitchem submitted Jun 21, It's great to see the trades you are posting on the client's forum site as it shows you have really taken on board the material I teach in the course - not only that but it's working so well for you and the results speak for themselves. Another email I received gave me access to a "desk help" page that had answers to virtually every question that I had. Although I found that I received many more emails from The Forex Trading Coach than I originally anticipated, I found it surprisingly useful to receive each bit of information in a separate mail, so that I could keep my thoughts and emails organized.

I registered for the live webinar and accessed it with the secret code provided. In his screen there was the chart that gives you details and clues about what might happen with all the pairs of currencies in the next minutes, hours and days.

I was especially interested in how Andrew traded live in front of all of us — with a real account. During the webinar, participants could also ask Andrew quick questions but he could not answer all of them during the webinar, so I suspect that the HelpDesk was very busy afterwards.

After about a week of studying the information provided by The Forex Trading Coach I felt comfortable to start placing small trades. This comfort was compounded by the fact that I found Andrew to be accessible and that the HelpDesk offered many answers to my questions, so I never felt like I was truly alone in my initial trades.

Registration is required to ensure the security of our users. Login via Facebook to share your comment with your friends, or register for DailyForex to post comments quickly and safely whenever you have something to say. Log in Create a DailyForex. Regular live sessions with The Forex Trading Coach Reasonably priced Extremely focused material with a clear trading style. Training is suited to those who want to want to be technical traders Webinars are at awkward times for US traders.

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