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Be sure to check when you are signing up whether the broker allows you to withdraw using Payoneer, or only permits you to deposit that way. I stayed with my first broker. RoboForex , a forex broker operating out of New Zealand, has just enabled Payoneer as a withdrawal option. Once there, you select Payoneer as the method you wish to use. Starfish FX is listed.

Payoneer is one example of a new trend in the Forex market enabling easier withdrawal solutions for the FX trader. Among the long and detailed list of factors one considers when choosing an FX broker is payment and withdrawal options.


The payment services are not directly used to fund and withdraw money from trading accounts, and in fact, inbound payments from Forex, binary and other trading accounts are prohibited. However, Payoneer do offer a prepaid MasterCard. This can be used to fund any trading account that accepts MasterCard payments. No bank accounts are required to sign up to the Prepaid MasterCard, and funds are accessible within 2 hours of a payment being received onto the card.

Whilst no brokers are directly connected with the Payoneer services, the vast majority accept MasterCard payments to fund accounts. Let our tool do the hard work of finding your next broker.

Try it Now Visit BrokerNotes. Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Rankings are influenced by affiliate commissions. Part 1 Why Choose For Payoneer? Here are some areas where scored highly in: Offers demo account 0 languages.

For more accurate pricing information, click on the names of the brokers at the top of the table to open their websites in a new tab. This innovative and convenient solution is through the Payoneer system. This option is feasible as you can use the card as any other debit or credit cards to pay for good and services, shop or withdraw cash from the ATM machine. Of course, there are many options for withdrawing money such as a lot of ways to such as bank transfers and other pay systems, but using a Payoneer card provide several advantages.

First is convenience and second, Payoneer is advertisement free. Payoneer is an attractive option because it flexible, fast, low-cost and is based in New York. The company is secure as they are ranked in the top of Inc. Prospective clients are required to sign up for an account.

Within minutes, you are able to receive your funds at a low cost, quickly, and on your terms. Funds can be transferred to and from a local bank or funds can be withdrawn using a prepaid card. The bank is called Choice Bank Limited and is located in a small Beliz country offshore zone. Choice Bank Limited will not announce about your received profit.

However, when ordering through other brokers the order will be similar. In other situations, you may have to wait a couple of days for transfers to be completed. These days, e-wallet services are all over the web. With dozens of options, it can be hard to know what to choose for your forex deposits and withdrawals. If you are looking for a service with a rock-solid reputation and which is trusted by businesses you trust, you cannot go wrong with Payoneer.

Once you have accounts with Payoneer and a forex broker which accepts Payoneer for deposits, you will be able to protect your banking information while quickly and reliably sending money between your accounts. You may even be given the flexibility to choose between whether you want higher fees and faster transfers, or whether you want to save money on fees while accepting slower transfers. If you are ready to start trading FX with Payoneer for deposits, take a look at the chart on this page comparing Payoneer forex brokers.

These are all sites which have passed our rigorous quality tests. Each allows you to choose Payoneer as your deposit method, and each should meet and exceed your expectations for ease-of-use, trading tools, customers service, and other requirements.

If you still have questions, continue on to our FAQ below. In fact, we can feel quite confident recommending Payoneer as a deposit method. Payoneer has around 4 million users in more than countries. Just imagine what a mess it would be for a major company like Amazon to lean on an e-wallet it could not trust. Payoneer is able to keep up with the massive demand for rapid payments which big businesses need to process to thousands of customers, freelancers and affiliates.

It can keep up with your FX deposit needs as well. Payoneer is free to join, and you can make deposits using Payoneer free of charge as well. A number of factors impact how much you pay.

Remember, you may even have the option of paying more for faster transfers if you desire. Payoneer payments typically transfer in two business days or less.

For a higher fee, it is possible to get paid within two hours. First, make sure you have a Payoneer account and that you have deposited some money into it. Then, just look for a broker which accepts this payment method. A great starting point is the chart on this page. These vetted brokers offer fast and affordable deposits and withdrawals through Payoneer, and provide you with plenty of other great features and benefits as well. Find a Trusted Payoneer Broker Those who are looking to enhance security and convenience when sending and receiving payments online are turning to e-wallet services like Payoneer.

What is a Payoneer Broker?

Prepaid MasterCards from Forex brokers

RoboForex, a forex broker operating out of New Zealand, has just enabled Payoneer as a withdrawal option. Up until now, Payoneer was available for deposits only. Up . MasterCard Forex brokers - list of Forex brokers with prepaid MasterCard, allowing easy deposit/withdrawals from Forex account. Payoneer / Prepaid MasterCard® Forex brokers HOME. Hello, friends! Today we are going to discuss options for accessing your money earned through Forex. This innovative and convenient solution is through the Payoneer system. While not all of them, more and more brokers such as Roboforex, Forex4You, Hotforex suggest ordering a debit Mastercard to make withdrawals. This option is feasible as you can use the card as any other debit or credit cards to pay .